Green Spiritual Practice


Green spirituality ranges from a simple love of Nature and a feeling of heightened awareness and joy that comes with being in unspoiled places to a deep and radical knowing of ourselves–along with all other living beings–as cells in the body of a living Earth.

So there are many different ways of expressing and practising a spirituality that is based on a love of the Earth. Some of these are ancient, some more recent, some as modern as tomorrow. Some, like paganism, Shinto, Wicca and Druidry are well known, others are more obscure. And for many people, green spirituality is an individual, personal thing which may be expressed ways unique to the individual and which may or may not co-exist with the practice of some other religion or spiritual path, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism or whatever.

The field is so vast that the resource pages included here can touch on only a few of the forms and facets of green spiritual practice. These are:

CELTIC SPIRITUALITY  – traditional practices that mark and celebrate the turning of the seasons

GODDESS AND THE DIVINE FEMININE – forms of spirituality and practice that fopcus on the feminine aspects of the Divine

THE GREEN MAN – an ancient and mysterious manifestation of green spirituality that pops up in unexpected places

NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUALITY – one of the world’s best-known examples of a tradition that honours the Earth

RITUALS – some of the many forms that green spiritual practice can take

ROMANTICISM – an exploration of the literary tradition in which Nature is honoured and celebrated as a source of spiritual inspiration