soilIn order to care for and nurture the land around us, we need to get to know it and to understand how it functions, who lives there and how all the elements of it fit together. And one of the most basic things we need to understand and to care for is the soil itself, for that is literally the basis of our lives.

There are many thousands of resources available on the Internet devoted to this topic but here we offer just a few that we hope the reader will find interesting:

The Dirt Beneath Our Feet – an essay about the soil

 Lichens and Mycorrhizae – an essay about two crucially important – and often overlooked –  elements of our environment

Two recommended books about the soil are:

William Bryant Logan. Dirt, The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth (W W Norton & Company, 1995) and James Nardi. Life in the Soil (University of Chicago Press, 2007).

See also: Throwing in the Trowel (an article from The Telegraph about  ‘no-dig’ gardening)

External links pertaining to the health of the soil:

How Mushrooms can Save Forests

Soil Carbon and Organic Farming

Why We Need Action on Soil Depletion

Remineralising the soil

Rock dust from the SEER centre

Basalt Stone Meal


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…and check out the references at the end of Matt Adams’ article in the Science section, as these, too, are very relevant to soil health.