‘Voluntary Simplicity’ by Marian Van Eyk McCain

To practise green spirituality is to care lovingly for our finite and precious planet. Which means not to take from it more than our fair share of its resources. In other words, as Gandhi so famously said “Live simply, that others may simply live.” (And for ‘greenspirits’ those ‘others’ include all the forms of life with which we share Planet Earth.)

Therefore, one of the primary ways in which green spirituality is applied in practice to people’s daily lives is living a simple, sustainable lifestyle.

To live simply does not mean to go hungry or to go without the other necessities of life. Nor does it mean that  we have to be miserable. Quite the opposite, in fact. People who live simple, sustainable lives are almost always a lot happier and more contented than people caught up in the rat-race of 21st century consumerism because rather than being consumed by endless ‘wants’ they live with a constant sense of abundance, delight and ‘enoughness.’

Have you ever thought about whether or not you are living within the Earth’s carrying capacity? Here is an online tool for measuring the size of your eco-footprint.

If you are interested in lowering your footprint and downshifting to a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle that is better for the planet, here are two books you may find helpful.


http://www.lilypadlist.com       http://www.earth-books.net/books/downshifting-made-easy