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Welcome to GreenSpirit Reading 2017

UN international Year for Sustainable Tourism

Dwell on the beauty of Life.

Watch the stars,

And see yourself running with them.                             Marcus Aurelius


GreenSpirit Reading formed around 2000 and swelled in number and connectivity over a decade. A committed core then evolved our group through a deepening phase. We celebrate the eight-fold festivals of our Celtic ancestors and developed a ritual sourcebook for GreenSpirit local groups available to members online and via our group as a booklet.

We share food, poetry, story, music, chanting, meditation and ritual to reconnect with the cycles and seasons of the Earth. Walks, talks, or screenings are also offered at public venues at least twice each year. As we currently meet mostly in our homes on Sunday evenings numbers are limited by the size of our living rooms. We respectfully request that newcomers make first contact via one of our more open meetings. We look forward to meeting you.

Contact Debbie: tel 0118 9352169    



Philip Carr-Gomm, “Druid Mysteries”

The Eightfold Wheel (0f the year) based upon the deep and mysterious connection between the source of our individual lives and the source of the life of the planet, and it recognises eight particular times during the yearly cycle which are significant and which are marked by special observances… Together..the..festivals represent our complete interconnectedness with the earth, the moon and the sun, and the animal and plant realms.  As we contemplate the festivals…we shall see how interwoven is the life of our psyche and of our body, of the planet and of the sun and moon – for each festival marks a potent conjunction of time and place in a way that is quite remarkable.


Imbolc  ~ Awakening    29 January

Earth stirs as the power of the sun returns to the northern hemisphere. Candles are lit to celebrate inspiration and truth. This is a festival of beginnings as tiny buds and shoots of life emerge. We herald the coming of spring.

Braziers Park Snowdrop Walk ~ Sunday 12 February 10am -4pm

We will catch the x40 bus (Thames Travel  Reading to Oxford) at 10.10 am. We will walk around the area for about 2 hours, have lunch (bring own food) and stop at Braziers Park  for tea and cake.

Ostara  ~ Spring Equinox  19 March

Day and night equalise all over the planet as this festival balances light with darkness. Spring brings high tides and rainbows. Blossom and catkins festoon the trees and fledglings are hatching out.

Beltain ~ Greening    30th April

Beltane is for magic, mystery and growing things. This is a celebration of zest for life when nature is rampant in a rush of blossom and greenery. May we blossom and grow fruitful!

We will celebrate  May Day with circle dances from Europe with local circle dance teacher Anne Parry  at  RISC  from 5-7.30pm. All dances will be taught and beginners are most welcome. Tea and coffee will be provided. Suggested £3 donation .

Litha  ~  Summer Solstice    18 June

Ancient stone circles aligned to the solstice sunrise on this festival celebrate the turning of the cosmic wheel. Nature flourishes in all her floral finery. May we shine brilliantly like the summer sun!

Healing Herbs Walk with herbalist Anna Cannon on Sunday 18 June

This walk will take place in Avebury. The  meeting point is the Red Lion Pub at 2pm. Please bring a picnic.

Lammas  ~  Harvest    6 August

This is a festival of plenty as we celebrate the season of harvest and the coming of autumn. First fruits are ripe and first nuts are falling. May the blessings of Lammas come to fruition for us all!

Mabon  ~  Autumn  Equinox   24 September

With the harvest gathered in this festival brings a chance for rest. As the sun enters Libra day and night are once more in balance all over the planet. We give thanks for the year’s abundance.

Reading International Festival 16th October, 7-9pm

We are inviting Paul Maiteny, environmental educator of over 40 years experience, to give an interactive talk :

Formula for a more liveable planet: first, being part of it has to really mean a lot to you! Guidance from our ancestral traditions on how to live ecologically

Venue: Reading International Solidarity Centre, 35-39 London Street, Reading RG1 4PS

Samhain  ~  Stillness  5 November

Leaves are falling, birds are migrating, animals are going into hibernation, frosts are coming. This is the festival at the threshold of winter affirming rebirth amidst death, decay and darkness.

Venue: 35-39 London Street, RG1 4PS 6-9pm

Yule ~  Winter  Solstice    17 December

The Earth has withdrawn deep within herself for the festival of the longest night. Megalithic monuments capture the rebirth of the midwinter sun. The wheel of the solar year begins and ends.

From Grace Blindell’s The Via Trasformativa

As the new story penetrates our consciousness we see ourselves no longer as consumers but as partakers… A partaker shares, aware of mutual interdependence, a partaker takes only what is fair and just…The awareness of our total dependence upon our planet and our interconnectedness will transform us from detached observers to participants. A participant, as with a partaker, comes from within not without, as a member of the earth community. Active, responsible, compassionate and involved.