GreenSpirit Calendar 2017




The 2017 GreenSpirit Calendar has beautiful photographs and inspirational quotations from contemporary and past masters of spiritual wisdom, including Thomas Berry, Rumi and John O'Donohue. For each month there is a page with a picture and inspirational quote. And a calendar page with a box for each day of the month (the weeks start on a Monday) to write your own notes. A special thank you goes to Tom Court, Hilary Norton, Ian Mowll, Paul Stevens, Stella Hughes, Joan Angus, Trevor Sharman and Piers Warren (who also collated the photos) for use of their superb photographs. To June Raymond for collecting the quotes. And to Stephen Wollaston for the design. Price £8.99 (UK) / $9.99 (USD) plus local tax and p&p. (Please note that for 1 calendar in the UK - that can come out to £14.38 but if you buy more than 1 calendar, the cost for each calendar comes down. For instance, 4 calendars cost about £12.59 each in the UK).

To see the inside of the calendar (the month part), click here for a jpg image of the scanned page for a previous calendar. The page is very close to the size of an A4 landscape page.

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